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Debenham Energy LLC focuses on Distributed Generation (DG) projects using utility-scale wind turbines. Locating the wind turbine on site and electrically connecting it after the meter displaces expensive utility power providing excellent economics.

We provide consulting services for a complete range of wind energy services including site evaluation, equipment selection and recommendations on alternatives for procurement, installation, maintenance and repair. Based on the customer's financial and technical capabilities and desires we can provide a turnkey project including equipment ownership and operation, pure consulting services or a negotiated hybrid between these two extremes.

Confidence in the Process and the Outcome

We insist on working in a non-adversarial partnership environment. This is critical for evaluating options for structuring the project including what is and is not economically viable to guarantee on a small wind project. Since wind technology and financing options are not our customers core competencies it is often in their best interests to do due diligence. We can assist the customers in identifying experienced consultants who can do independent due diligence on the wind assessment, turbine performance and reliability as well as the expected long term operations and maintenance costs. This helps foster a partnership relationship and is often time and money well spent.

Watch a turbine installation video.