Residential and Small Commercial Turbine Manufacturers

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Utility Scale Turbine Manufacturers

We have relationships with the major turbine manufactures which allows us to provide a wide range of models as well as ensuring neutrality.

Note: Some manufacturers will not accept small quantify orders (25-50 turbines). Turbines can also be obtained through wind development companies. Debenham Energy has relationships with several large and mid-sized developers who can provide an additional option for turbine supply

Lorax Energy, LLC
North America Distributor

FL 2500
FL 1500
FL MD 70/77
FL 1250
FL 600
FL 250
FL 100
FL 30
2.5 MW Liberty
Wind Energy at GE
1.5 MW
2.5 MW
3.6 MW
Mitsubishi Power Systems
MWT 600
MWT 1000
350 KW
950 KW
1 MW
1.25 MW
2 MW